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We are ALWAYS accepting submissions at!  If you have a play that you just don't know what to do with, send it to us and we will find time to have it read for you!  

Or maybe you have an idea that you would like to turn into a play and you just don't know how?  We can pair you with one of our many playwrights to help your dreams become reality! 

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                          PURPOSE OF FIRSTAGE

Fancy Pants Theater's FIRSTAGE program will showcase the talents of Kalamazoo area playwrights by providing a creative and collaborative forum for the development of original plays as well as continuing development of previously produced plays. FIRSTAGE will support the long range goals of Fancy Pants Theater to evolve into a regional venue for creating the next generation of playwrights for the 21st Century.


  1. FIRSTAGE is a collaborative program, designed to support the playwright, both beginner, intermediate and established, for the purpose of developing the playwright's ideas into an artistically cohesive play with the eventual goal of a fully realized production and possible future publication. Furthermore, FIRSTAGE will enhance, assist and embellish the work of the playwright, with character development, story arc, format, editing and most importantly, fleshing out the spine or truth of the play.

  2. Recognizing the need for further development, FIRSTAGE would provide a venue for playwrights who may have already received a premiere production of a play, but desire to re-work or modify their play and need to hear or see those modifications.

  3. FIRSTAGE will utilize several methods including private table readings, public readings, staged readings and eventual full production. All of which would involve discussion and analysis of the playwright's work with directors, actors and (at specified events) the audience.

  4. FIRSTAGE will also benefit the performers, directors and designers of FANCY PANTS, by involving them in a fully collaborative and creative effort from the very beginning of an idea, to the conclusion of a fully realized production.

  5. FANCY PANTS will keep an internal catalog of all FIRSTAGE plays, including a record of each production and its process. This information will be accessible to interested artists and/or organizations and potentially available for production with the permissions of the PLAYWRIGHT and in some cases FANCY PANTS THEATER.

  6. FIRSTAGE hopes to publish an annual journal of scripts, that could create additional revenue streams for not only the FIRSTAGE program (thereby becoming self sustaining), but also the sponsoring theatrical organization.

  7. FIRSTAGE, if utilized fully, could develop additional revenue streams for the FANCY PANTS as well as effectively establishing a group of resident playwrights. While currently we are aiming for local playwrights, there is potential to expand regionally and possibly nationally, for the organization over a period of time.