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                                    Auditions for Season 2015

Join us for Auditions for Night of the Living Dead adapted by Ron Riekki 

September 8 & 9.  7pm.   1249 Portage St. (Fire Historical & Cultural Arts Collaborative)

The plot for the play IS the famous plot of the film Night of the Living Dead, but with changes made for the stage.

Director Benjamin Hooper is seeking actors to fill all roles listed below. Rehearsals will begin the week September 14th with the show running through Halloween night.

Auditions will consist of cold reading from the script and even colder zombie improv.


BARBRA, 23, from Pittsburgh
JOHNNY, 28, from Pittsburgh
VARIOUS ZOMBIES/GHOULS (with quick-changes, actors role-double ZOMBIE
parts, especially actors playing JOHNNY, HARRY, TOM, and SHERIFF)
BEN, 31, from rural Pennsylvania
HARRY Cooper, 41, from rural Pennsylvania
TOM, 23, from rural Pennsylvania
HELEN Cooper, 35, from rural Pennsylvania
JUDY, 22, from rural Pennsylvania
KAREN Cooper, 11, from rural Pennsylvania
SHERIFF CONNOR McClelland, 42, from rural Pennsylvania, West Virginia accent
VINCE, 56, from West Virginia

                                Auditions for Season 2013                                                                         

OUR GANG AUDITIONS.  Ages: potty trained-8th grade.  July 21, 22, 23 @ 6pm.  Auditionees need to only bring themselves and parent with a list of all summer conflicts.  


Takeoff Auditions August 4, 5 & 7 @ 6:30pm

Takeoff.  By Conor McShane.  Playing September 13-28

Those auditioning need to only bring themselves and a list of dates and times they cannot attend rehearsals between audition dates through the end of September.  There are three days of auditions (August 4, 5, 7) but you only need to attend one day.

Takeoff is a comedy/drama about love, loss, family, and flying machines.  Alice Stearns has returned home, with her fiance Norm in tow, to introduce him to her estranged father, Roger, an amateur inventor.  The only problem is, nothing he invents seems to work.  But when Roger unveils his Personal Transportation Device (don't call it a jet pack!), it just may change the world, and repair his relationship with his daughter.


Roger Stearns: mid 50s

Alice Stearns (soon to be Alice Welliver): his daughter, early 20s

Norm Welliver: her fiancé, early to mid 20s

Sally Ann: a waitress, early 20s

Mr. Jennings: a government agent, 40s


Playing October 25 – November 3.  Kiss of the Spider Woman  By Kander, Ebb & McNally


AUDITIONS September 2, 3 & 4 @ 6:30pm

Kiss of the Spiderwoman tells the story of two men who share a prison cell in Latin America - Molina, a gay window-dresser imprisoned for seducing a minor, and Valentin, a straight Marxist and now political prisoner. In order to escape the torments of imprisonment, Molina conjures up a fantasy world that centers on Aurora, his favorite actress from the movies he watched as a child. He has loved her in every role except that of the Spider Woman, a vixen who kills with her kiss.


Rumpelstiltskin: The True Hero Auditions October 27, 28 & 29 @ 6pm.

 Looking for a cast of 16 to join our cast.  Auditionees should come prepared to sing a verse from their favorite song a-cappella and dressed to move.  It is only necessary to attend one day of auditions.

Rumplestiltskin: The True Hero.  By  Arnold Johnston & Deborah Ann Percy.  Playing December 6-22.

At last, Rumpelstiltskin gets to be the hero! Based on the original Grimm fairy tale, this traditionally misunderstood character earns a well-deserved happy ending, winning the hand of Freya, the beautiful miller’s daughter. Both comic and suspenseful, and using elements of other fairy tales and classical myths, this adaptation involves King Grood, the (not very) Good; his vain son Prince Werther; and an unscrupulous chancellor. Rumpelstiltskin, a handicapped young man, is actually Prince Werther’s twin, whom the soft-hearted miller could not bring himself to kill on the chancellor’s order years earlier. Due to the kingdom’s approaching bankruptcy, the miller makes a dangerous attempt to have Freya selected as Werther’s princess, resulting in the well-known “spinning straw into gold” test. But with lots of fun twists Freya and Rumpelstiltskin are united at the end!


                                      Auditions for Season 2014

We do not have any current auditions scheduled.  This will surely change as we are doing theater this year where and when we WANT!

 However!  If you want to play with us and you like Shakespeare or would like to learn HOW TO Shakespeare, and you can tolerate working with children all at the same time... please email with the subject SHAKESPEARE and we will put you on our list of actors for our Summer Company. 

Everyone is invited to play as long as they play nice.